Creator of adventure parks

A treetop adventure park is composed of several courses (« bambin », kid 2, white or red course…), each one made up of several challenges (i.e. zip-line, tarzan, suspension bridge…).
A challenge is an activity unit situated between two trees, each of which is outfitted with a platform (a sort of raised flooring surrounding the tree).

A Soleil Aventure adventure park...


The different types of courses

● Children’s courses: these courses offer fun and amusing activities with elements that are adapted to the size of the children using them. They are generally not very high – 3 to 5 metres maximum – so that children are never overcome by a fear of heights.

● Adult courses: they are generally higher, and sometimes very high, depending upon the trees being used. The courses are varied and adapted to those persons using them (family-orientated, athletic, recreational…). A minimum height and/or age is required.


The different groups of challenges


The suspension bridge group

● Suspension bridge with plank steps     ● Net bridge     ● Monkey net     ● Rope bridge     ● Log bridge
● Monkey bridge     ● Frog     ● Lily pads

Suspension bridge with plank steps

Net bridge

Monkey net

Monkey bridge



The pulley group

● Skipping rope     ● Rope walk     ● Coco zip-line     ● Surfboard     ● Bicycle     ● Fake tarzan/mx     ● Sled
● Cart     ● Landing net     ● Horseback     ● Tightrope     ● …other challenges with pulleys

Rope walk

Coco zip-line


Fake tarzan/mx



The zip-line group

● Downhill zip-line     ● Horizontal zip-line

Downhill zip-line



The suspended element group

● Suspended beam     ● Swing     ● Giant’s step     ● Stirrups     ● Asparagus     ● Suspended Disc     ● Net ledge
● Perch     ● Barrel

Suspended beam

Net ledge



The easy challenge group

● Double zip-line     ● Flea jump     ● Balance beam

Double zip-line



The daring challenge group

● Ladder     ● Swinging ladder     ● Horizontal ladder     ● Tarzan     ● Climbing walls     ● Base-jump

Swinging ladder

Horizontal ladder

Climbing walls


Other constructions

● Tree houses

Tree houses