Stages of construction

The construction of a forest adventure park is divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Design

Upon the customer’s request, we will come and evaluate the forest’s potential and then proceed to trace out the park. An independent registered and authorized company will test the trees’ state of health before any building can begin.

Phase 2: Construction

The building of your adventure park is controlled by the AFNOR 2008 European safety standards (who oversee the park’s set-up).

We arrive on the date selected by the customer and commence work with a building crew made up of professional assemblers. When the work is finished, we will have delivered a completed and operational aerial adventure park, ready to open to the general public.

Our building programme starts with the raised platforms that surround the trees without damaging them. The logs used for the platforms are fitted in tight around the trees.

We then install the cabling. The team places wooden wedges between the cables and the trees in order to avoid harming them.

The apparatus are then installed onto the cables (the swings for example) and the finishing touches are carried out (cables are muffed, direction signs are posted, mattresses are set in place…).

Phase 3: Activation

European safety standards also control the operation of an aerial, acrobatic park (the drawing up of certain administrative documents is mandatory).

When the park opens to the public, our customers generally manage on their own although some may request the assistance of our crew to help them get started and/or draw up the mandatory documents.